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Celebrating Smallholding UK was officially born on 7th September 2017 when Jack Smellie decided to set up a public Facebook group in its name! It is fair to say she had absolutely no idea what she was doing (Facebook being a bit of a mystery to her... and even more of a mystery to her OH, David Chidgey) - she was simply driven by a passion to celebrate and share smallholding with as many like-minded people as possible!

At the back of her mind was the idea that the group might generate enough interest and content to then create a website – the website idea had in fact been bouncing around in her head for quite a while...

Fast forward a year or so and it was fair to say the group was a roaring success and full of the most amazing, generous, supportive and knowledgeable people - all good, except.. finding time to then get the website up and running was proving impossible as the group itself got busier and busier and more and more engaging!

Celebrating Smallholding

Fast forward almost another year and Jack left the group to see if the website idea might still be a 'goer' whilst CSUK morphed into PSUK (Positively Smallholding UK) under a new Admin team!!

And so, almost two years to the day since the seed was sown, the Celebrating Smallholding UK website was launched (alongside a new CSUK Facebook group set up to run alongside it). CSUK has but one aim: to celebrate, promote, educate and support all smallholders the length and breadth of the UK. And to do this, it is looking to attract as many smallholders as possible to the site and group, to engage; suggest ideas; add links and share their own amazing stories and successes.

If you want to get involved, do get in touch via the FB group or by email: jack@celebratingsmallholdinguk.org.uk.

Celebrating Smallholding UK
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