Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Being a smallholder: Smallholder Gifts - smallholders selling to smallholders

Buying direct from other Celebrating Smallholding UK smallholders: what a fabulous way to find the perfect gift for any occasion

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Smallholding courses/ workshops
A perfect gift you can share and one that can be the start of you and your family realising your smallholding dreams. Something for everyone: introductory and livestock-specific courses for adults and families.
Location: Devon
We offer Starting with Sheep and Lambing Days. If these are booked for pressies we send you a gift card to give on the special day.
Location: Devon
We offer horse drawn carriage driving and farming courses, from a half day to a full week! Starting at £45 based in West Devon. Gift vouchers are available.
Location: Devon
Sunnyside Smallholding training course gift vouchers: the perfect gift for someone interested in growing their own food, keeping animals or just wanting to learn more about the traditional smallholding way of life.
Location: Lincolnshire
A qualified art teacher and florist, Hazel took up goat keeping over 10 years ago and has now established a lovely quality herd of pedigree Golden Guernsey goats for milking.
Location: Herefordshire
We offer unique 'Introduction to wool processing workshops' which cover everything from choosing a good fleece to work with and how to wash it plus learning to drum card, hand card, flick card and comb wool.
Location: Devon
Smallholding books/ animal experiences and holidays
Alpaca walking is a super fun experience to buy friends and family at any time of year. We offer adoption packs and vouchers for our experiences from our small farm in West Yorkshire. 'Raise your own Chicks' incubation hire which is a month long experience for families/schools watching the miracle of hatching chicks. 'Hen and Coop' hire allows you to experiemce the thrill of having your own hens for 5,10 or 30 days. By Lorraine Turnbul. My book is a great buy but you need to buy it either from Amazon or direct from Posthouse Publishing. How about buying your loved one a couple of nights/week's stay at our smallholding eco campsite in North Wales? Totally off grid, campfires encouraged!
Arts and Crafts
Original paintings and commissions make the perfect Christmas presents - unique, personal and beautiful. Gift vouchers also available I am a needle felting artist and I make wool sculptures of animals including dogs sheep goats etc. I welcome commissions from your own photos. We run a smallholding and keep a herd of goats plus lots more. We milk by hand and make all the bars of goats' milk soap that we sell. Everything is natural and smells amazing!! Real eggs made into real clocks and treasure keepsakes
I make lots of things for people but also sell a range of products on Etsy from reclaimed pine. My wooden potting trays make a perfect gift for anyone! 100% handmade socks and gloves, patchwork quilts...made from my hand spun yarn. And once you go to wool, you'll never go back: wool is 100% natural, wool is flame retardent, wool stays warm even when wet... Christmas wreaths and flower bouquets for anyone near/on Anglesey. I make felted soaps from our alpacas fibre which are great for stocking fillers as well as crocheted items, needle felting kits, all sorts.
Beautiful hand made stained glass pieces, Lisa's Glass, all made in Devon by me (when i have time), ideal gifts for any occasion, happy to answer any questions, have a look. I stitch textile birds using my own patterns to mimic a natural bird shape from pretty fabrics. I also use fleece form my own Shtland sheep to make needle felted animals. Quirky, felted keepsakes. We make things to make people smile. Peg looms to make your own rugs from your own sheep' wool or peg-loomed items from seat pads to rugs, also the odd hand spun and hand-woven scarfs.
From a small croft in the Outer Hebrides I sort, spin, wash and weave rugs. I also work to commission making rugs from owners' sheep fleeces for something very individual and unique. Homemade customised wooden crafts: Why not buy your messy husband a desk organiser or your bookworm wife a book case or your foodie grandparent a spice rack or your fashionable cousin a coat rack? I make rosettes (for occasions and shows), one-off heirloom cushions (mainly from tapestries or cross stitch), goat halters (can do other animals too but mainly goats these days) and a variety of other crafts. My cards and artwork are inspired by the beauty of the world around me, my hens, the countryside and the various hobbies and crafts that i love, such as reading, knitting, crochet and spinning wool.
Handmade woolly gifts all made from our fibre flock here on the farm in west wales. From woven rugs to knitted cushions and cute needle felted sheep and Christmas decorations      
Food, drink and gardening
Hand crafted gin made in Devon containing a unique botanical of lingonberry. The gin was inspired by our Gotland Sheep. We will be starting Gotland Gin Experiences from Spring next year at Gotland Gin HQ in Devon. Gift vouchers available. We offer a range of subscription boxes to cater to your veg needs for 2020. Leave the planning to us and receive a box of 10, 20 or 50 seedlings once a month from April to August. A garden plant delivery subscription service designed to support those new to gardening with video tips and tricks. Gift subscriptions available. Lilcott Farm are providing gorgeous meats inc super Sausagemeat packs for only £3. Bring on the sausage rolls. Also pork, beef and lamb.

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