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Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Relaxed Ltd: celebrating smallholding uk
Celebrating Smallholding UK Christmas Quiz 2019

NINETEEN CSUK members entered our first CSUK Christmas Quiz and won prizes from the fabulous selection below.
Congratulations to them, a huge thank you to everyone who donated prizes and well done to everyone who took part!

Winners were announced on the Celebrating Smallholding UK Facebook group on 2nd January 2020.
Looking forward to next year's already....
Celebrating Smallholding UKCelebrating Smallholding UKCelebrating Smallholding UKCelebrating Smallholding UKCelebrating Smallholding UKCelebrating Smallholding UK
How the quiz worked: each day (from 1st to the 23rd ) a question was posted on the Facebook group. ALL questions were based on content from CSUK (posts and comments) although many of the answers could be found elsewhere too. It was all designed to be a bit of fun, not too serious but a way of celebrating the fantastic range of topics we discuss in the FB group!!

Questions and answers
1st: What is a wind egg?
  A small, soft-shelled and yolkless egg laid usually laid by a young chicken at the start of her laying life.
2nd: What good news was announced in November regarding Ash dieback?
  Scientists discovered the genes that give resistance to the disease and so hope to be able to breed trees that are unaffected by it.
3rd: Lots of us have been celebrating coloured sheep bums this autumn? Why?
  Coloured bums indicate that rams with raddle paint have mated with the ewes, thus lambs can be expected in the spring
4th: Derek Pool’s amazing pie picture and recipe (part of our #FoodToSustainUs week), has been one of our top posts so far: what were the three main ingredients?
  Chicken, cheese and gammon
5th: What is a 'lock' with reference to a sheep, and name a breed that has them?
  A small, curly-ish, finger- sized bit of wool that tends to stay together when shorn from the sheep. Found in Leicester Longwools, Teeswaters, Wensleydales
6th: Tracie Martin has posted pictures of Hookbills and Overbergs – these are breeds of what?
7th: What is ring barking and why is it something smallholders with livestock need to be aware of?
  Ring barking is the complete removal of bark round the entire circumference of a tree trunk or branch. This usually results in the death of the tree as water and nutrients can no longer be fed to the top of the tree (sap flow). Goats and sheep in particular can ring bark trees and as such, the trees need to be protected
8th: What is a wedder (in relation to livestock)?
  A castrated ram lamb, also known as a wether
9th: Sarah Leech took an amazing photo of a circumhorizontal arc in November - what is a circumhorizontal arc?
  An 'upside down' rainbow, formed when the sun shines through ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Usually happens in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds, when the sun is high in the sky.
10th: Which breed of goat is more commonly used for meat as opposed to dairy?
11th: Which tree is a favourite for smallholders because it is fast growing, can be used to make a variety of structures, favours damp conditions, is adored as a food by most stock and because the bark contains salicin (coverts to salicylic acid) and so is believed to provide pain relief/ anti-inflammatory support?
12th: Some livestock medications are known as POM-V medicines – what does POM-V stand for and what does it mean in practical terms?
  Prescription only medications that can only be purchased via a vet or, via a prescription obtained from a vet. They must be assigned to a particular animal or animal species.
13th: What type of animal is a 'Torddu'?
  Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep
14th: What was announced by DEFRA on 10th December that sent poultry keepers into a bit of a panic?
  A low pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in Suffolk
15th: What animal is used by some smallholders to protect their poultry from the fox?
  Alpaca (or livestock guardian dog or llama).
16th: Clichéd but true, complete this well known phrase: ‘Where there’s livestock, there’s _________’.
17th: What type of animal is a 'Duroc'?
18th: What livestock types are affected by scald, what is it and how can it be treated?
  Scald is a bacterial infection that causes lameness in sheep and goats. The area between the toes becomes swollen, red and often smelly, with a white discharge. It thrives in warm and wet conditions but can be treated with 'blue antibiotic spray' from your vet.
19th: Julia Edmund’s very cute calf Poppy gave us a fabulous impersonation of a _____ last week (all part of getting in the Christmas spirit)?
20th: Goats (like sheep) have to have two 'identifiers', they can be two ear tags OR one ear tag and one other identifier. Can you name one of these other second identifiers (you have a choice of three). Thanks to Katie Garton for her input into this question.
  A bolus, pastern tag or an injectable EID. Adult goats can also be tattooed on their ears.
21st: Which domesticated duck kept by many smallholders is a fabulous flyer (being a descendant of the tree duck) and as such is often kept none 'wing-clipped' in order to help it be 'fox-proof'.
22nd: What, according to Emily Charlotte Cheal (and others) is a 'bacon seed'?
23rd: What is the best smallholding group on Facebook (probably)?
  Celebrating Smallholding UK

😄 🙃 😁

HUGE THANKS to the following people and businesses who kindly donated a prize for the CSUK Christmas Quiz 2019.
Prize claimed by Jon Owen
50% off any one-day Relaxed course- (Introduction to smallholding, goat, poultry and Choosing your livestock courses available).
Location: Devon
Thanks to Jack Smellie
Prize claimed by Lesley Perrett
CROCHET SOAP SAVER AND SCRUBBIE SET Made from 100% pure cotton, this soap saver and face scrubber set is as eco friendly as you can be, no plastic waste here!
Thanks to Sophie Smith
Prize claimed by Robin MacKay
STAINED GLASS ORNAMENTS A glass sheep or alpaca and some animal beads.
Thanks to Lisa Tywman
Prize claimed by Lucy Thornton
A £25 voucher for a painting in my shop or towards a commission.
Thanks to Katherine Lockett-Clark
Prize claimed by Mark Rees
CSUK/ Relaxed Real Foods
Celebrating Smallholding UK

Choice of turkey or duck - born, raised, dispatched and dressed here on our smallholding, lived a completely free-range, happy life = happy meat.
Location: Devon
Thanks to Jack Smellie
Prize claimed by Joanne Bell
Free place on one of my Melken Jacobs wool workshops which are aimed at people who have no real knowledge of processing wool or needle felting!
Location: Devon

Thanks to Lisa V Hutchins
Prize claimed by Pippa Dore
Free place on any training course, ideal for someone interested in growing their own food, keeping animals or just wanting to learn more about the traditional smallholding way of life.
Location: Lincolnshire

Thanks to Andrew Rock
Prize claimed by Sue Austin
NEEDLE FELTED SHEEP Made from our fibre flock here on our farm in West Wales.
Thanks to Sascha De Lisle Butler
Prize claimed by Emma Steventon
HAND CRAFTED GIN MADE IN DEVON Gotland Gin Mini Gift Set which includes a 5cl miniature of Gotland Gin, a Gotland Gin engraved Dartington Crystal Stemless Gin Glass and a Luscombe Devon Tonic.
Thanks to Dawn and Mark Rees
Prize claimed by Tracie Martin
WOVEN RUG FROM WINNER'S OWN FLEECE Hand woven rug form your own (or my) fleece for something undividual and unique.
Thanks to Chris Hammacott
Prize claimed by Rach Edwards
A mix of annuals, perennials and shrubs to cover an area 3 metres square.
Thanks to James Hunt
Prize claimed by Sally Leek
Made from reclaimed pine.
Thanks to Kevin Alviti
Prize claimed by Sarah Jafri Noble
Happy to spin your own fleece and make a jumper from it or I can offer spinning or knitting or crochet lessons... or dye lessons.
Location: Norfolk
Thanks to Helen Hoadley
Prize claimed by Kate Betts
Needle felting kit for you to make your own gift or 50% of an order from our shop.
Thanks to Dawn Curtis
Prize claimed by Sarah Pumfrett
Livestock or dogs, especially keen to produce sheep.
Thanks to Victoria Hedges
Prize claimed by Kim Donoovan
POINT OF LAY CHICKENS - BOGOF Happy, healthy hens, raised or reared here in beautiful Devon on the banks of the Tamar Valley.
Location: Devon
Thanks to Paul McEvoy
Prize claimed by Sharon Clark
ARTIFICIAL CIRCLET/ FLORAL CROWN Hand made here on our beautiful island.
Location: Anglesey
Thanks to Kate Betts
Prize claimed by Pynes Budleigh
NEEDLE FELTED RUG Made from our own pedigree flock of Leicester Lonmgwoool sheep.
Thanks to James Waite
Alpaca walking is a super fun experience for friends and family at any time of year.
Location: West Yorkshire
Thanks to Lucy Thornton
Real eggs made into real clocks and treasure keepsakes. 50% off on my website, site-wide (no other discounts can be applied).
Thanks to Laine Shepherd
Half day voucher for one person, we will run you through all the basics of handling harnessing and working with the horses before trying out your new found skills on real farm tasks.
Location: West Devon

Thanks to Eleanor Paddock
  VOUCHER TOWARDS HAND CRAFTED ROSSETTES A discount on rosettes for a show you are organising or a charity you support.
A baby/ birthday/ anniversary/ occasion rosette.
Thanks to Sarah Pumfrett

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